Sci-Fi Vehicles

The coolest vehicles are the fictional ones, unfortunately. Here's some iconic vehicles from across pop culture and my imagination!

Cheerios Spacecraft

January 2020-September 2020

Inspiration: I designed this model for my New Elementary Article about some obscure LEGO racers parts. As this model uses parts from a cheerios branded racer, I decided to make a Cheerios branded spaceship. As one does.

Build Time: A few months

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Prequel-era Ship Collection

January 2021

Inspiration: Built for the Iron Forge with the seed part of a Banana, used in each of these ships. The Naboo starfighter was the initial plan, but I didn't want to do a Naboo hangar in risk of it being too close to ForlornEmpire's Hangar from his Iron Builder round so I opted to do a collection of 3 iconic star wars ships from the prequel era.

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Micro Neoclassic Space Spaceship

January 2021

Inspiration: I was in an Iron Forge round with the seed part being a minifigure torso. Minifigure torsos have classic space logos on them! Spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!!!

Build Time: A day

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Millenium Falcon

Inspiration: I originally built this for a Brickset competition, but after having it on my desk for quite a while, I submitted it as a first test of the MocHub program. It is currently available for purchase as a complete set!

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Midi-Scale Slave One

December 2020

Inspired by Bruce Lowell's Slave 1 and the hype of Disney+'s The Mandalorian, I decided to build Boba Fett's iconic ship with a bonus feature: The inside swings and twists so that Boba can always be facing in the direction the ship is flying. This turned out to be quite tricky.

Build Time: a few days

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Back to the Future DeLorean

May 2020

Inspiration: I built this for the Iron Forge Round 2 with the seed part of the hammer and wrench, I used the wrenches to hold on the wheels in a way I don't know how I could have done otherwise.

Build Time: 2 hours

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Spaceship Landing Pad

January 2021

Inspiration: Built for the Iron Forge using the 2x2 trapezoidal flags. This was designed on the last day of the round around a core of a iris mechanism I created on the first day.

Build Time: A few hours

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Blade Runner Spinner

May 2020

Inspiration: I built this for Iron Forge Round 3 with the seed part of the technic connector.

Build Time: 1 hour

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