I like trains... More specifically, I like building LEGO trains on top of motorized HO scale chassis. It's a fun challenge, depending on the size of the chassis. I have a really short chassis, from a switcher, so the resulting engines have distorted, almost cutesy proportions!


August 2018

Inspiration: This was a request from Flickr user "Da Last Prime" It fits over an HO scale model train chassis so it can drive around the track. The proportions are very skewed, but I think it's cuter that way.

Build time: 2 days-ish

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Sante Fe Super Chief

Inspiration: I've always liked the retro-futuristic style of the Santa Fe Super Chief, and I had built it in 2 other scales prior, so naturally when I wanted to build a LEGO body over a HO scale model train chassis this was my first choice. It can drive around the track, so that's pretty cool. Because the base I used is from a very short engine, the train has very "Chibi" proportions, but I like it!

Build time: 2 days


The Little Engine That Could

January 2021

Inspiration: What is a trapezoid but not a 2d truncated cone? Naturally I thought of all the truncated cones I could and a train smoke stack rose to the top of my list. This was a fun and quick little model to build using the seed part of the minifigure torso for Iron Forge Round 1

Build Time: an hour

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