About Me

My name is Paul.

(You probably guessed that already.)

I've been building LEGO my whole life, and I created my first online presence back in 2016 under the name "PaulvilleMOCs." Paulville was a custom LEGO town I built in 2012, which I have since disassembled. (Here's a link to my old website with pictures of that. Go at your own risk.) "MOC" is a common acronym in the LEGO fan community, standing for "My Own Creation." I'm a proud Christian, and I love using my talent with LEGO to bring more joy into the world. There's never enough joy, so whatever I can add helps. Even if it just means someone smiles a bit as they scroll through their Instagram explore page.

(Note: I'm an actual human person... this is a Miniland figure of me for privacy reasons.)