What is more classically LEGO than building a building? I've built a number of buildings, most in a relatively small scale.


June 2020

Inspiration: Built for a RebelLug monthly 2 hour build contest with the seed part of a bucket, used in the target logo. I've also wanted to build a microscale target with that ball joint part every single time I go to a Target. Admit it, you see it too.

Build time: 1 hour

Website exclusive I guess?

Jurassic World Gyrosphere Station

May 2020

Inspiration: In fall 2019 I got to talking to the incredible builder and friend known as "The Jackhammer" about a possible collaboration. We brainstormed possible ideas, and a gyrosphere station quickly came to the forefront.

Features: slightly sloped floor so gyrosphere rolls through station smoothly, remotely activated low profile turntable to move gyrosphere off of the track into a shed, modern architecture (I'm gonna call that a feature, sure, why not)

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March 2020

Inspiration: the first of many models I made at the request of close friends during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Build Time: 2 days


Gas Station

April 2020

Inspiration: Built on for Iron Builder's Digital Forgery Contest using a non-existent seed part.

Build time: 1 day

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Inspiration: I built this for my family's Christmas Card in 2018

Another website exclusive!

Modern Museum

April 2019

Inspiration: The "Build and Fix" contest on New Elementary, various modern opera houses, museums, and town halls.

Build Time: 1 week

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Ghostbusters Firehouse

June 2016

Inspiration: the Ghostbusters Firehouse LEGO set came out around that time. I made this way before I had any social media, this is definitely one of the oldest models I'm still kinda proud of.

Yet another website exclusive!

Sydney Opera House

January 2021

Inspiration: Built for Iron Forge Round 3 with the seed part of the trapezoidal flags, used 5 times here. At this point in the competition I was spinning and needed to get something, anything, out.

Build time: an hour or two

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