Miniland Figures

One of my favorite subsets of commissions are Miniland figures, five inch tall figurines inspired by the design of characters found in the Miniland section of all of the LEGOLAND parks!

Picnic Date

March 2021

These figures were commissioned by a friend for her and her boyfriend, modeled off of outfits they wore for a Valentine's Day picnic date!

Marching Band

November-December 2020

Inspiration: I had built myself in my marching band uniform and realized that others in my band might have interest in buying one of themselves custom designed for them!

Junior Firefighter

March 2021

This figure was commissioned by family friends as a gift for their son who hopes to be a firefighter!

Pumpkin Patch

November 2021

For this model, I was sent a bunch of photos from a Fall photoshoot at a pumpkin patch. I did my best to capture the likeness of each of the three sisters, using a number of SNOT (studs not on top) techniques to make accurate proportions at each of the sisters' heights. The colors of their torsos; magenta, olive, and dark red; added to the challenge, as the parts available in these colors are severely limited. I am most proud of the pumpkin design, which utilizes ingots to capture the rounded ribs of a pumpkin. The orange pumpkin, however, uses a 2x2 dish only found in one Star Wars set from 2004!


March 2021

This model was commissioned as a gift for a graduating high school senior! I not only tried to capture the robes but also the clothes worn beneath that peek through underneath!

Girl among Flowers

March 2021

This figure was commissioned by a friend when she learned that I was building LEGO figurines. I enjoyed getting to work with her to determine the right colors for the flowers and the outfit!

Bocce Ball Photographer

March 2021

I designed this as a thank you gift for my wonderful friend and photographer, and attempted to capture many of her favorite things in one model: bocce ball, photography, and, of course, iced coffee.

Blue Devils B Pit Member

March 2021

Inspiration: This was commissioned by a member of the Blue Devils B Drum Corps pit and features her Roland SP 404 SX and a red gas can that was memorable

Marching Band Drummer

March 2021

This was commissioned as a gift for a percussionist in a local marching band. While I had made a set of tenor drums for my previous set of marching band figures, the diagonal stripe across this figure's chest proved to be quite a challenge!