Besides LEGO, I also love dinosaurs! Naturally, these two interests often bleed together and I end up making lots and lots of LEGO dinosaurs.

Animatronic T-Rex

May 2020

Inspiration: I built this for Iron Forge Round 2, wrench and hammer. This model had been on my "to build" list for some time, and I just finally got around to building it, as the wrench seemed to make great hands and great pistons.

Build Time: 1 week

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Paleontology Museum

January 2021

Inspiration: This was built for Round 1 of the Iron Forge competition with the seed part of a minifigure torso, used here in the skulls of the T-Rex and the Triceratops and once as the body of the Quetzalcoatlus.

Build Time: 2 days

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Blue the Velociraptor

September 2018

Inspiration: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had just come out and I wanted to build Miniland scale versions of all of the characters. I never got that far, but I built a Miniland scale velociraptor, and I'm really happy with it. Its proportions are quite off, so I should work on that sometime.

Build Time: 2 days

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January 2021

Inspiration: This was built for Round 3 of the Iron Forge competition with the seed part of the trapezoidal flags, used here as the plates on it's back

Build Time: 3-4 hours

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October 2016, revised September 2021

Inspiration: In 2016 I did a whole series of midi-scale dinosaurs, though most of them were admittedly not great. This was the best of them, so I decided to reverse engineer and update it and release instructions for it for a "Throwback Thursday".

Build time: a day

Original: Flickr | Old Website

Revised: Instagram | Flickr | Rebrickable

Mecha T-Rex Foot

August 2020

Inspiration: I built this for a Mech Leg Contest on Instagram. I was inspired by pet_foolery for the raptor being stepped on by the T-Rex. I couldn't find which comic strip I was thinking of, but the general emotion and story of this was inspired by that. The snowy white raptor design was inspired by a work in progress velociraptor puppet from TRX dinosaurs. The plating on the Mech leg was primarily inspired by Iron Man.

Build Time: 5 days

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August 2020

Inspiration: This is an alternate build of the VW Beetle Set from 2016 and the design and pose is based on Paleoart by Jenn Cotton

Instagram | VW Beetle Set | Jenn Cotton

T-Rex Skeleton

June 2018

Inspiration: I had a white T-Rex Skeleton for the longest time, and I decided it was about time to build it in a more accurate color. (cough couch LEGO ideas set cough cough) I didn't have the parts in any shade of brown, so dark grey sufficed. It was my first post to make it onto the Flickr explore page. So that was really exciting, and it got a lot of attention from that. How many people just scroll through the Flickr explore page? More than I thought apparently!

Build Time: a day



April 2017

Inspiration: The seed part for Iron Builder 5.0 - Round 2 - Legopard vs Pate-Keetongu was the Duplo grass/fire piece. I only had the part in orange, but I still wanted to join in on the fun. This model was quite an undertaking for me at the time.

Build Time: 1 week

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Styracosaurus Skull

May 2019

Inspiration: Built for a non-LEGO related styracosaurus themed art contest put on by the artist Kayakasaurus, I entered with LEGO as my medium. I won the contest.

Build Time: a day

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