A collection of models I have either built as commissions for clients or gifts for others

Truckla Diorama

I built this model for the wonderful Simone Giertz ( of her standing upon her pick-up truck built out of a Tesla Model 3 (fittingly named Truckla) in Spring 2020. If you have a beloved vehicle that you want memorialized in LEGO, contact me!

Jamba Juice Helicopter

Don't worry, you aren't the only one confused by the heading above. Jamba Juice does not have helicopters (as far as I know.) This is purely a theoretical design. I designed this for my sibling who has a great affinity for both Jamba Juice and helicopters. It features connected main and rear propellers, a detailed interior (with a blender) and opening gull wing doors and a front cockpit. It doesn't get much better than that! If you have two seemingly disconnected interests you want reconciled in a one of a kind LEGO model, then I'm your guy!

Dodger Stadium

While I personally don't care for sports, I built this LEGO Architecture inspired Dodger Stadium for a close friend of mine. It is so small, yet if you listen carefully you will hear the sounds of cheering fans (Disclaimer: imagination required.) If you have a building that is close to your heart that you want built out of LEGO, then shoot me an email!

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