Over the past few years, I've been designing LEGO models on commission for clients and as special gifts for my friends and family. I've compiled a bunch of those here, so you can have a general sense of what I do, in case you wanted to commission something of your own!

Miniland Figures

I've made so many of these that I decided they deserved their own separate page!

Truckla Diorama

I had the honor of building this custom diorama for the wonderful Simone Giertz ( In 2019, Simone transformed her Tesla Model 3 into an EV pickup truck which she affectionately named "Truckla." This LEGO model, completed in spring 2020, is a recreation of one of the photos (below) featured in WIRED's December 2019 cover story about Simone. The model features her in a white jumpsuit standing upon Truckla against the backdrop of a warehouse. If you have a beloved vehicle that you want memorialized in LEGO, contact me!

Simone even featured the model in the intro to this video!


When I was contacted about building a dog as a Christmas gift, I was initially hesitant, as it felt slightly out of my comfort zone. However, as soon as I was sent photos of the Labrador Rottweiler mix, named Denver, I couldn't say no! I am so happy with the final result, and I think it is one of the cutest models I've built in a while! This commissioned model features custom box art as well as a stand with an embossed paw print design.

More photos coming soon!

Duplo Sisu

When a family friend was having a "Raya and the Last Dragon" themed birthday party in 2021, the obvious choice of gift would've been a "Raya and the Last Dragon" LEGO Duplo set. However, I soon discovered that there wasn't any! Determined to not let that stop me, I set out to build my first LEGO Duplo MOC in years! Contact me if you want to gift someone a beloved character in LEGO or even Duplo form!

Jamba Juice Helicopter

Don't worry, you aren't the only one confused by the heading above. Jamba Juice does not have helicopters (as far as I know.) This is purely a theoretical design. I designed this for my sibling who has a great affinity for both Jamba Juice and helicopters. It features connected main and rear propellers, a detailed interior (with a blender) and opening gull wing doors and a front cockpit. It doesn't get much better than that! If you have two seemingly disconnected interests you want reconciled in a one of a kind LEGO model, then I'm your guy!

Dodger Stadium

While I personally don't care for sports, I built this LEGO Architecture inspired Dodger Stadium for a close friend of mine. It is so small, yet if you listen carefully you will hear the sounds of cheering fans (Disclaimer: imagination required.) If you have a building that is close to your heart that you want built out of LEGO, then shoot me an email!

Do you have something unique that you want me to build?