Who doesn't love animals? There's so many great ones, but I've built a few of them in various scales over the years. Note: this page does not include dinosaurs, see the "Dinosaurs" page for those.


May 2020

Inspiration: I built this for Iron Forge Round 2, seed part wrench/hammer, hence the name. The design was based off of Ostriches, Miles from Tomorrowland, Kevin from UP

I gave this model to my mom for Mother's day

Build Time: 1 day

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Elephant Wall Hanging

April 2019

Inspiration: New Elementary's Build and Fix contest, I feel like this is one of my most "artful " pieces as it uses nearly entirely slopes and wing plates.

Build Time: 2 days

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"Jay Jay" Puppy

April 2020

Inspiration: A friend asked me to build her dog, Jay Jay, and it was very very cute, so I obliged. Check out my instagram for photos of her actual dog, thank me later.

Build Time: 3 days



March 2020

Inspiration: A request from a friend of mine right at the beginning of quarantine.

Build Time: An hour



March 2020

Inspiration: A request from a friend, the design takes a lot of style cues from Tyler Clite's Kitten from a few years ago

Build Time: A few hours

Instagram | Tyler's Kitten


March 2020

Inspiration: I built and gifted this to my girlfriend at the time for her birthday. I mean who doesn't love walruses!

Build Time: a few hours



March 2020

Inspiration: I built this for a friend who requested that I build a turtle. They were disappointed that I didn't build a 3d Turtle. Oh well, whatcha gonna do. Based on things that came up when I searched for "turtle art."

Build Time: 2 hours