I like building vehicles too! Who doesn't love a good car or truck or tracked crane!

Pizza Truck

May 2019

Inspiration: The colors are from the 2019 LEGO City Pizza Truck set. I got this set in April, and wanted to improve upon it. For one, it was missing an actual pizza oven. My new design was supposed to be a modified Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and I am indebted to Brick Designers as much of the shaping is from their beautiful Sprinter Ambulance. I don't know how the inside of theirs is held together, but I'm assuming it can't be too different from mine since the external shaping is the same..

Features: The sides flaps open, the back doors open, and the roof comes off. The interior includes an oven, a sink, a deep fryer, and a refrigerator.

Build Time: I don't remember, it couldn't have been more than 2 days

Instagram | Pizza Truck Set | Brick Designer Ambulance

Fire Truck

May 2020

Inspiration: I built this for Iron Forge, the seed part was the technic connector. I was messing around with it and bucket handles, and made a simple suspension system. I built a base off of it and built a fire engine straight upward. The design was based on various fire trucks I found on Google.

Build time: 3 days

Flickr | Instagram | Main Reference Image


August 2018

Inspiration: This was a request from Flickr user "Da Last Prime" It fits over an HO scale model train chassis so it can drive around the track. The proportions are very skewed, but I think it's cuter that way.

Build time: 2 days-ish

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Peterbilt 379

July 2018

Inspiration: In 2013 I built a yellow and white Semi Truck. I was still proud of the design up until a year ago, when I decided to take it apart because I needed parts from it. Around that same time, I wanted to create a detailed scale model of Optimus Prime's Truck mode, a Peterbilt 379. I had printed out a blueprint for that, and had filed it away under "to to build sometime" folder. Well, I felt inspired by the 4x4 macaroni bricks and tiles to build the wheel arches in a way I had never seen before. While I was originally going to build it in Optimus Prime's colors, (which I did later render) I ended up reusing the yellow and white color scheme from my previous Semi Truck.

Features: The steering works with a hand of god steering wheel which can be added to the top of the sleeper section. The interior of the front cab section is fully detailed.

Size: 1:33.3 Scale, the model is 34 studs long, (10.5 inches, 27 cm) 14 bricks tall, (5.5 inches, 14 cm) and 10 studs wide (3 inches, 8 cm).

Flickr | Instagram 1 | Instagram 2 | Rebrickable

Peterbuilt 379 Multi-colored

July 2018

Inspiration: See above, this was a first draft of that model before I had decided on a color scheme. I like how it looks though and thought it deserved a separate entry on here.



December 2019

Inspiration: I started building this because I was a huge fan of Simone Geirtz's work and thought it would be a really fun vehicle to build. I was right. When Simone asked to buy the model I made a number of improvements to the overall design.

Build Time: 2 days, modified over a period of months

For more information and pictures of the whole model, see the commissions page



January 2018

Inspiration: Well, set 10255, Assembly Square, includes a large Technic excavator scoop, used as roof detailing. But for a LEGO Rebrick contest, I built the rest of the excavator only using other parts from this one set. It turned out better than I anticipated, and the arm can even bend, utilizing the few hinges included in the set. Ooh, and this is one of the few models I've made a video of. It's an old video, and violently shaky, so watch at your own risk.

Flickr | YouTube | Contest (broken link)