Everyday Objects

While everyday objects might seem mundane, they are often a fun opportunity to replicate something as closely as possible, either in 1:1 scale, smaller, or even larger!

Electric Piano

April 2020

Inspiration: A friend requested that I build a piano, but I'd already built a grand piano, so I opted to build an electric keyboard instead. One of my favorite little models, I'm really happy with how this turned out, especially the effect that the transparent red keys have.

Build time: 1 day



March 2020

Inspiration: Two of my friends both requested that I build toothbrushes. I obliged.

Build time: 2 days


Power Tools

May 2020

Inspiration: A stud shooter looks like a power drill., enough said. I built this for Iron Forge round 3.

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Nerf Gun

May 2020

Inspiration: I built this for Iron Forge Round 3 with the seed part of a stud shooter. I built this mostly for the irony of building a gun using smaller guns.

Build time: 3 hours

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Tooth Necklace

May 2020

Inspiration: Perhaps one of my favorite models of my models from the Iron Forge, this one was from round 4, with the technic connector as the seed part. It let me string up teeth on an actual LEGO string! It's elastic from a LEGO backpack! I think this photo turned out really good as well, the texture is actually my saxophone case!

Build Time: 2 days

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May 2020

Inspiration: This model is part of the Iron Forge round 3 with the seed part of a stud shooter.

Build time: 1 day

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